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We've got you covered. Track your company's website analytics, monitor ad campaigns, and see how the business social media accounts are helping grow success for all involved!
Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn All In One Dashboard

Why Elementary Analytics

Elementary Analytics is a new way to help people make sense of their website and social media stats. Helping you reclaim hours from your day and focus on work that matters.

Marketing Professionals

Whether you run a freelance or professional website. Work as part of a marketing team, tracking how your marketing campaigns are performing. Or run your own business and want to see how your business is growing.


Elementary Analytics is here to help you understand how your Google Analytics website traffic information links to: Facebook & Instagram Insights, Twitter & LinkedIn stats.


Helping you to make informed decisions and reclaim hours out of your day.

“If only I could leave work on time”

What if you could see all your website and social media stats in one place…

Quickly and easily create reports…

And take back hours of your day

Does This Sound Familar?

Working late has become a weekly ritual

Working Late

You have already been in work for well over 12 hours. You said you would meet your best friend after work at 5pm. That was 4 hours ago!

Once a week you have to produce one of these reports. It’s now 9:15pm and you haven’t even started putting the data into spreadsheet yet.

You begin to login to Google Analytics. Earlier in the day you checked your personal Gmail emails and haven’t logged out.

Google Analytics automatically logs you in and shows you an overview of some stats. “Hang on that doesn’t look right?”. You realise straight away you are looking at the traffic information for your personal blog. Tiredness has started kicking in.

“I always do that”. You log out of your personal Google account and into the businesses Google Analytics account. “That’s better”, the stats in front of you to make more sense, if only slightly.

“How do you export the data again”. You manage to get all the information you need out of Google Analytics into a spreadsheet, ready to start linking all the traffic stats from the business’s social media accounts.

Same mundane tasks, over and over

“I hate doing this bit”. You start trying to link up the data between the Google Analytics spreadsheet and the Facebook Insights export.

One of the support guys from IT has setup an Excel spreadsheet that ‘should’ help with linking the two sets of data together. “Tom, makes it look so easy, I can never get my head round how to use his spreadsheet. I’m sure it’s harder than he thinks”

After 15 minutes of error messages from Tom’s spreadsheet. You give up and start copying and pasting the Facebook stats into the Google Analytics spreadsheet. Creating a couple of graphs hoping the data is correct.

You work for a small business, with just under 30 employees. You have worked in their small marketing team for 18 months now. The owner asked you to create this report for him on a weekly basis.

You are under constant pressure to product the report. This week even more so. The owner is going away tomorrow evening and wants the report by 8am tomorrow morning. Not that he looks at the data to make informed decisions. “He will just throw it on his desk anyway. Last time I didn’t the produce the report he was livid”

The clock on the wall clicks past 10PM. Right, only Instagram and Twitter left to do. “He wants me to include the LinkedIn company page this time, forgot about that”.

Do you always miss out on those Thursday night gatherings?

“Finally, all done” It’s well after midnight. You click print on the PDF you have generated from the all the stats you have pulled together. “5 copies just to be on the safe side”

“My boss should know how late I have worked till”. You have saved the PDF to your PC. You compose a quick email and send it to your boss and the business owner. “Hope his phone alert wakes him up”.

You send your friend a text message apologising for having to cancel your plans yet again. Re-arranging from the same time next week. “Hope it doesn’t take me this long next week, Jen must be losing patients with me, constantly cancelling out plans due to work”

“There must be an easier way?”

Do You Ever Ask?

When did all this effort become the norm?

What if there was a different way to collate and analyse all this information?
What if there was ONE PLACE you could see all the information you need for all your website and social media stats?
What if you could QUICKLY create reports that the business can use?
What if there was a different way?

Thursday afternoon, 4:45pm. You look at the clock. “Only 15 minutes and I can head off and meet Jen for that well-earned drink. We both deserve it.”

You have had another full-on day. Plenty of meetings. Planning next week’s marketing campaigns for both the businesses website and social media accounts.

“Oops I nearly forgot, need to check what our stats for the last 7 days have been like. Actually, I will generate a report while I’m at it”.

You log in to your dashboard. It shows an overview of the businesses website and social media traffic. After a quick scan. “All green arrows pointing upwards, looking good”

In the dashboard you can also see the stats for the business owners personal blog and linked social media accounts. “Looks like he has had a good week too”.

Automated processes to make life easier, to save time

The business has plans to launch a new product. You and the marketing team setup a new website purely to promote the product. You also setup the stats for this website in your dashboard. “Big traffic spikes this week, great news” 

You click the generate report button for each of the three websites. It takes seconds to generate each report, displaying it in a new browser window. “Job done, quickly save these and forward them on”. 

You forward a copy of the report to everyone in the small yet amazing marketing department you work in, including your boss and the owner of the business. “Should I delay sending the email till later on this evening? Make it look like I have been slaving away? Naahh thoses days are long gone” 

The team has a meeting first thing to go over how last week’s marketing campaign have gone. After glancing through your dashboard. You are pretty sure all your and the teams efforts are producing the goods 

Reclaim hours from you day and take back your social life

After hitting send a little smile appears in the corners of your mouth. Another quick look at the clock. “4:55pm, I’m off early”. Grabbing your coat you begin to skip out of the office. “I may actually beat Jen there for once, it will shock her if I’m sat at the bar first, with two drinks sat waiting”

Tonight will be a good night. 

Take Back Your Social Life


Elementary Analytics

See Data, Your Way

All your website and social media traffic stats. All in one place.

I noticed something working for businesses and alongside marketing teams. There is so much information out there to review and collate. It is a time consuming and repetitive process getting all this information together. 

I also noticed how disheartening it can be for you to spend time processing the information and getting it together in spreadsheets, reports and other documents. Only for other people such as bosses, business owners, potential clients and customer to just dismiss the information. 

This is why we have begun building Elementary Analytics to help you make sense of all the information and to SAVE YOU TIME AND EFFORT. 

What can Elementary Analytics do you for?

PURPOSE BUILT: Designed to display information from the key analytics from your website, and social media accounts. 

INCLUSIVE: Add and view Google Analytics information for multiple websites, whether or not these stats are linked to a single account or spread across different users 

SOCIAL: Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn stats to your Google Analytics information, showing how your marketing and sales efforts help to drive traffic to your website and build your business. 

INFORMED: Easily generate reports for business purposes. Whether within your own business or when engaging with customers. 

AVAILABLE: Our service works on mobile, tablet, and on desktop devices. Allow you to check performance, whenever, wherever. 

 Sign up Today FOR FREE and add up an unlimited number of integrations to view the stats for.  


Keep marketing campaigns on track — Grow your business

Elementary Analytics isn’t just for creating widgets — it’s great for reviewing your marketing campaigns. Use the dedicated reports to produce PDF’s to impress customers and senior management.

How it’s better: By combining your website traffic and social media insights in one place, Elementary Analytics lets your entire team focus on their day to day work. One tool to track. One place to check performance. No more constant switching between Google Analytics profiles, Social Media accounts, spreadsheets and documents.