All your client's analytics in one place

Monitor and report on all of your clients' marketing campaigns in one place

Elementary Analytics is here to help you understand how Google Analytics website traffic information links to: Facebook & Instagram Insights, Twitter & LinkedIn stats. Helping you better serve your customers, make informed decisions and reclaim hours out of your day.

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Why Elementary Analytics?

Elementary Analytics is a new way to help people make sense of their website and social media stats. Helping you manage and plan your client's campaigns.

Digital Agencies

When your clients want a website building and perhaps their social media account managing.

They want to see results from it. They want visits, goal achieved, new customers.

Otherwise they feel their money is being wasted. We know how difficult it is to keep track of your clients analytics. It can potentially take time away from what’s vital.

We allow you to access your clients website and social media analytics in one dashboard. On one screen. You will be able to access it 24/7, from anywhere (with internet connectivity) and stop the time lost on going from account to account, from dashboard to dashboard, from tab to tab to try and keep an eye on your clients online analytics.

Built For Agencies

See All Your Client's Data In A Single Dashboard

Google Analytics

Keep track of traffic stats for as many websites as you need.

Social Media

View interaction stats for all your social media accounts.

Weekly Email

Track website performance with a simple weekly email.

Website & Search Reports

Generate reports on the performance of your website.

Social Media Reports

Produce detailed breakdowns of your Social Media traffic.

Collated Reports

One-click reports displaying website and social media stats.

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What our customers say

Elementary Analytics Is a Godsend for Marketers, Digital Agencies, and Virtual Assistants

The tool lets you quickly collate all your stats in one place to see how well marketing campaigns are performing - it couldn't be easier!


Keep marketing campaigns on track — Grow your business

Elementary Analytics isn’t just for creating widgets — it’s great for reviewing your marketing campaigns. Use the dedicated reports to produce PDF’s to impress customers and senior management.

How it’s better: By combining your website traffic and social media insights in one place, Elementary Analytics lets your entire team focus on their day to day work. One tool to track. One place to check performance. No more constant switching between Google Analytics profiles, Social Media accounts, spreadsheets and documents.