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How Every Small Business Owner Can Improve Website Traffic To Increase Sales

(Without Spending Hours Exporting, Collating And Reviewing Data!)

Are you fed up with low visitor numbers to your website?

Struggling to see how social media is impacting these visitor numbers?

Are your sales and revenue figures falling, month on month?

Do you spend all day creating content, posting across social media? Hoping all this effort will help promote your business?

You Already Have Enough To Do

Business Owners

As a small business owner, you have a million and one things to do....

First, managing staff, virtual assistants, contractors….

Second, keeping on top of suppliers…..

Third, taking time each week to make sure the bills are paid and that your accounts are in order….

Fourth, checking cash flow, to make sure you can pay your staff at month end…

Finally, you think about what you will pay yourself!

On top of that, you must think about, networking, marketing, promotional work, branding, sales, customer service, and support.

With more and more people buying everything they want online.

You need a website to bring in sales. Along with having all the social media accounts, pages, and profiles setup to direct people to your website.

That’s a huge amount of work. You don’t have time to step away from the day-to-day running of your business. To spend hours looking over your website traffic stats, as well as looking into each social media platform to see how things are performing?

Google Analytics has over 200+ stats that you can review. Facebook supposedly has over 50,000 data points on a single person alone!

How are you going to find the time to make sense of all this data?

Setting and Monitoring Business KPIs

You know you need to track all this data. Set KPIs to make sure all your social media efforts aren’t going to waste.

If you do have 5 minutes to look over some stats. You have to log into 4 or 5 different platforms. Click through about 8 or 9 different links to find the information you are looking for.

As a small business owner, you can’t waste time and money on social media for it not to have an impact on growing your business.

"What gets measured get managed". You are not sure how you can put this saying into practice though.

Are you reaching your goal of growing the business? Therefore, showing your friends and family that starting a business was the correct decision. 

Setting and Monitoring Business KPIs
Set KPIs against your Google Analytics or Social Media metrics so you can track performance

In addition, showing your fellow entrepreneurs that you know that you know what you are doing. Even if you question yourself on a daily, if not hourly basis.

"I'm shattered, it's 10 pm, all I want to do is to head home".

You don’t have the ability, motivation, knowledge, and willingness to learn how to do all this stats gathering and analysis.

You could outsource all this work, hire yet another VA or digital agency. How do you know you will get value for money? How long will it take to find someone to help you? It can be an expensive and time-consuming hiring help for this sort of thing

Your Declining Sales Have You Worried

You’re worried that this distraction is impacting sales. The last thing you need is a falloff in leads and sales. You don’t want to start reducing costs, meaning you would have to let your staff go.

Having spent years building the business, finding the right staff to work with you. The last thing you want is for the business to start shrinking.

You can’t let this hard work go to waste all because you haven’t got time to review a few stats

You Have Less Time With Your Family

When do you get the time to spend with your spouse or partner, kids, friends, and family? You’re already spending all day, night, and Sunday mornings at the office. 

You can’t remember the last time you sat down for a meal with your family, to catch up on everyone’s days. 

It would be great if your kids were still up when you get home. So you're able to spend time with them, help them with their homework, steal a hug as they go to bed.  

You’re sure that your youngest thinks the Amazon delivery driver is his Dad. They see more of him than of you. 

‘Executive Burnout’ Is Serious

You're feeling tired a lot more recently.

Working 18 hour days have caught up with you. You’re worried you are heading towards “executive burnout”. That’s the last thing you need, putting your family through you having a mini breakdown.

You need to figure out this stats and traffic thing once and for all. But, you don’t want the effort of learning how to use Excel.

Or the mundane task of exporting, collating, and analysing the data every week.

Starting a business meant independence, freedom, more money. A chance to provide for your family, to make your parents proud. 

Moreover, to get respect from your friends. Who seem to have cracked this business thing and their businesses have taken off.

It wasn't to spend all day and night analyzing data.

It’s Time To Master All Your Data

Let me introduce my software, Elementary Analytics, that does all this heavy lifting for you. 

When you use Elementary Analytics, you can cut the time spent on data gathering, collation and analysis. Down from 3+ hours a week to just 30 minutes. 

Elementary Analytics Preview
Google Analytics Overview
See all your stats and metrics in purpose built widgets, on a single dashboard

How Elementary Analytics Can Help

A friend of mine has recently started running his families brick and mortar business. With everyone now buying things online, this had a HUGE impact on their business.

Luckily, he didn’t sit around waiting for things to “pick up again”. He set up an online store for the business. Added Google Analytics to the website, to see how many people are visiting the online store. Then, he created a Facebook page for his business, as well as an Instagram business account.

He got to work and started creating and posting daily content. After a few weeks, he had made a few sales. What a result!

Save Time And Still See What’s Working

My friend came to me and asked “Will Elementary Analytics help me? I can’t think of a quick way to see website traffic spikes and how they link back to a post?”

I created an account in Elementary Analytics for him. That evening, he integrated his metrics from Google Analytics, the Facebook page, and Instagram Business Account into Elementary Analytics.

We had a catch up on Zoom a few days later to see if Elementary Analytics had helped him. It had.

We looked at his businesses breakdown in Elementary Analytics. In which we could see a huge spike on a particular day in his Google Analytics graph.

Scrolling down slightly we could see a spike in his Facebook page graph too. A little more scrolling to the post section. We could see the top post had been on Facebook. The post discussed a new range of products they had started selling.

Within a few minutes, he could see what had been happening across all the platforms. Pinpointing the spike down to a single post.

Easily Find Successes, Then Repeat

He knew nothing about this post.

The girl that works for him had been helping him manage the businesses social media accounts. She had seen a competitor do something slightly different in one of their posts. As a result, she created a similar post to see what would happen.

After looking at his orders. He saw they had made more sales from that one post than the previous 3 weeks of effort.


This allowed him to start planning his social media posts. As he now knew the sorts of things that were working for his business. Easily seeing what sort of posts they could reuse to improve traffic and increase sales.

What Our Customers Think

Elementary Analytics is software that allows you to link up your social media channels and you can see the statistics for every single platform in one place. Gone are the days of manually adding up numbers from multiple channels to create a report. EA puts the stats into a nice report which you can export - you can even say you made it yourself if you want to impress your boss. We love the software and recommend it to anyone who needs to create reports for their social media business pages.

Emma Dunlop-Walters

Owner, ER Marketing Group

What I like about Elementary Analytics (EA) is the ease of use and the fact I can see all my stats in once place. That to me is so important since my clients always want a birds eye view of what's going on with the metrics. EA gives us that and it's beautiful to look at as well.

Jarie Bolander

CEO of JSY PR & Marketing

Get Back Hours Every Week

You don’t need to spend hours each week or month logging in and out of different accounts. Exporting data into Excel. Using formulas to try and make sense of both your social media interactions and how it impacts your website traffic. 

With Elementary Analytics, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to add your Google Analytics website profiles into our service. Then link any social media accounts to that profile. You will never need to add, export, or import any data to Excel ever again. 

First, our software does all the heavy lifting of collecting the data that is relevant.  

Second, it displays the data in a simple way, highlighting spikes in traffic, across all platforms.  

Third, you can see which post or posts caused the increase in visits to your website. Which, in turn, increase your leads and sales, helping you grow your business. 

Focus On Income Producing Activities

As a business owner you can’t be in the office all the time. You could be out at important meetings or at a network event, trade show or multi day exhibition. 

Unless you carry your laptop with you, and constantly have WiFi, how can you check in to see how things are going while you're away? 

Elementary Analytics solves that headache by allowing you to view your stats on the go. Anywhere, anytime. As long as you can connect to a browser on your phone you can check your businesses KPIs and metrics. 

Many stats tools only work on a PC or large laptops. Elementary Analytics is different, you can view all the stats on your mobile or tablet. 

Affordable Solution That Won’t Break The Bank

At £49 a month for a subscription to Elementary Analytics, it’s a steal for the benefit you will be getting. 

That’s only after a 14-day free trial. You can sign up today, use our service for 14 days, to see if it is right for you.  

If not, that’s OK, we won’t charge you a penny. 

Zero Risk When You Signup

You won't have to enter your credit card details when you register.  

We will only ask for your card information once the 14-day free trial is over. What's more, we only ask you to subscribe when you are ready to use our service. 

Currently we aren’t putting any limits on our product either. 

As a fellow business owner, you must appreciate that I can’t afford to have an unlimited product and service at such a low value long term.

At some point, I’m going to have to create tiered pricing plans. So, the more integrations you want. Or the more users you need. You will have to pay depending on what your needs may be.

If you register for the 14-day free trial today, and, once the trial is over, you subscribe to our £49 a month subscription. You can access all this unlimited functionality, for the flat rate of £49.

Use Elementary Analytics umetered for as long as you like, for life if that suits you.

Register an account with Elementary Analytics today, before it's too late.

And get all this: