Marketing 101: What Is Journey Mapping? Is It Important?

Have you ever gone on a trip with your family and used a map to find your way?

You don’t plan a holiday abroad without “mapping out”. Where to stay. What to do while you’re there.

The same goes for marketing.

Companies use something like a map called “journey mapping”. To understand, how their customers. Travel from learning about a product to buying it.

Let’s discover what journey mapping is and why it’s important for businesses!

What Is Journey Mapping?

So, what is journey mapping?

Well. It’s a bit like a comic strip.

A Journey mapping is like drawing a comic. Each page details the steps a customer takes before buying something.

Let’s go back to when you were young and at school.

And imagine you want to buy a new toy.

You might see the toy on TV, and then check it out online. Ask your parents about it, and finally, buy it at the store.

Each of these steps is a part of your “customer journey”.

In a journey map. Companies draw all these steps to understand how customers find. And then decide to buy their products.

This could be an existing journey that a customer currently takes.

Businesses may want to visualise this. So they can track performance, and see if any steps need improving.

Or, they could be launching a new product range.

The marketing team could map out a journey. So they can then tailor a marketing campaign, to give the new range the best chance of success.

Why Is Journey Mapping Important?

So, why is journey mapping so important?

Well, it helps companies understand customers. And don’t like, or don’t like about their products or stores.

Let’s go back to our toy example.

If kids get confused when they look at a toy on the store’s website.

The company can see that on the journey map and make the website easier to use.

They will see that the website is getting visits. A lot of people are visiting the toy listing page.

But after that. Nothing. The sounds of crickets.

The next step of the journey is “add to cart”. That isn’t happening.

So they know that they need to improve the listing page. To remove this confusion.

By understanding each step a customer takes. Companies can make better choices about how to show and sell their products.

This helps them make sure that every part of your customer’s journey joins up.

How Marketers Use Journey Mapping

Marketers use journey mapping to find out what works well and what needs improving.

They can see where customers might have problems or get excited. This helps them improve things like websites, ads, and stores.

After reviewing a journey map and each step.

There are 3 common actions that someone could take for a step in the journey.

It’s working well, hitting our KPI. Don’t touch it leave it alone.

It’s working, but it’s under our KPI. Then it’s a case of tweaking and testing small changes to improve the step.

It’s not working. The whole step is crashing and burning. This could mean a complete review of the step. And to try something different to improve the numbers.

For example:

A game company might find out that kids get bored before they buy the game. They can add more fun pictures or make the process faster.

A clothing store might learn that many people want to see more pictures of the clothes. They can add more photos to keep customers interested.

With journey mapping, marketers can make each step of your shopping trip better!


Journey mapping is like a story map of how customers find and buy products or services.

It’s important because it helps companies see what they can improve to make their customers happy.

The better the journey, the more fun and easy it is for you to buy what you love!

If you want to see how you can use data and analytics in your journey mapping. Check out this article: What Is Data-Driven Marketing?

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