Marketing 101: What Are Heatmaps? Are They Important?

Have you ever been on a website and thought. “Wow, it knows what I want to do next”.

If a website is doing its job. You won’t even realise.

How do companies figure out how best to design? And write the content for the site so that it feels like a seamless experience for a visitor.

But also points people in a direction that benefits the business.

They use a special tool called a “heatmap”.

Let’s learn what heatmaps are and why they’re so helpful for businesses

What Is A Heatmap?

A heatmap is a visual representation of how a visitor uses a page on a website.

Still no clearer?

What a heatmap does is use colour to show what is happening on a website. Like a weather forecast does.

It uses “hotter” colours, like red. To show the “hottest” parts of a website. The ones getting the most attention.

And cooler colours, like blue or green. To highlight that certain parts of the page are being ignored. Or not even viewed at all.

So what can they show you?

The two main things I like to focus on are:

Scroll: How far down a page are visitors on average are people scrolling down to?

Clicks: Where on the page are people clicking? Or tapping on a mobile device.

The “hotter” a part of the map is. The more attention it is getting.

This helps you review the performance of a page on your website.

So you know where to focus your attention if the page isn’t converting as you’d hoped.

How Can Marketers Use Heatmaps

Most marketers and marketing teams. Will use heatmaps to learn what parts of their websites or ads people like the most

For example. A toy company might want to track how well their toy listing page is performing.

The heatmap would show which toys get clicked on and looked at the most. Using bright, or hotter colours to show this.

If it shows that a certain toy on the product listing page is getting the most clicks. The company knows to make more of that toy

Or if a part of the website is cool colours. They know they need to make it more exciting and interesting

Heatmaps are like clues that help marketers understand what people like. So they can focus their attention on promoting that product more.

Why Are Heatmaps Important for Marketing

At the end of the day.

As a marketer. You want to know what is working and what isn’t working.

This isn’t always easy to figure out on a website.

That’s why heatmaps are important. They make it easy for marketers to see what’s working and what’s not.

Instead of guessing. They can look at the colours on the heatmap to know for sure how people are interacting with a page.

This helps them make better decisions about how to set up their websites and ads. And what to improve if something isn’t getting the results they hoped for.

The goal is to make more parts red, orange, and yellow (popular) and less parts blue and green (unpopular)

Make sure the things you want to turn red. For example, a “buy now” button, is hot and not freezing cold.

So heatmaps are a powerful tool to help businesses succeed!


Heatmaps are color-coded visualisation, which sits on top of a webpage. That shows what parts of websites and ads are most popular

Marketers use them to understand what people like and make improvements

By making content better based on heatmap clues. Businesses can get more happy customers

Now you know what a heatmap is.

You can use it to improve the parts of a website that bring the most ROI.

Oh. One more thing!

If you’d like to learn more about data-driven marketing. And how you can use data insights to improve a marketing campaign. Check out our comprehensive guide: What Is Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing

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