Ads KPIs & Forecast Calculator

Enter a small subset of data from your ads manager into the form below. Our calculator will then display the important metrics for your business.
You can find a glossary of all the terms underneath your results.
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Enter Data From Your Ads Manager

AOV(Average Order Value, e.g. 1200)
Ad Spend(Amount Spent On Ads, e.g. 10000)
CPM(Cost per 1000 impressions, e.g. 82.00)
CTR(Click Through Rate, e.g. 2.00%)%
LPV Rate(Landing Page View Rate, e.g. 70%)%
ATC(Add To Carts, e.g. 24)
IC(Initiate Checkouts, e.g. 22)
CR(Website Conversion Rate, e.g. 0.80%)%

Ads KPIs & Forecast Results

Cost Per LPV0.00
ATC Rate (%)0.00
IC Rate (%)0.00
IC To Purchase Rate (%)0.00
Cost Per Purchase0.00
Return On Ad Spend0.00


Data You Input

AOVAverage Order Value

Ad Spend – Amount spent on ads

CPM Cost Per 1000 Impressions

CTR Click Through Rate

LPV Rate Landing Page Views Rate. The industry average is 70% 

ATC Add To Carts

ICInitiate Checkouts

CRConversion Rate on your website

Data Returned

CPCCost Per Click

LPV Landing Page Views