LinkedIn Analytics Are Stupid: A Better LinkedIn Dashboard

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When managing many LinkedIn company pages, it can be tough to keep on top of everything.

You need to make sure your posts are engaging people. As well as tracking engagement to make sure it increases.

Our LinkedIn dashboard helps you review company page performance. And help you to show your customers how you are performing across all campaigns.
Oh, before we start.
If you’d like to find out more about how a LinkedIn dashboard fits into a larger strategy. Check out this marketing analytics guide, where we go into more detail.

Why You Need a LinkedIn Dashboard 

Reviewing your LinkedIn campaign performance is a pain.
It takes too long. And it drains your energy.
Digging through the LinkedIn company page analytics. And getting the data into a spreadsheet is a nightmare.
If you have a few LinkedIn company pages to look at. Forget about it!
I’ve found people will do one of two things.
Either they spend way too much time collating data and generating reports. Time that could be better spent
Or they spend little or no time checking the data. Which means they are “driving blind”. They have no idea what is going on.
The problem with LinkedIn company page analytics is that data across different tabs.
They present data how they want you to review it. To keep you struggling on the platform.
In other words. They want you to waste money on ads.
‘Data Overload’ then makes it hard to know what to focus on. And see if your social media marketing efforts are working well.
Being able to view all this information is great.
But, more often than not, you only want to see how one or two things are performing
That’s why using Elementary Analytics can help you out.
Our LinkedIn dashboard gives you the key metrics for a company page. And how they are performing
Helping you boost the effectiveness of your strategies. And help you create relevant reports for your clients on time.

What’s Included In Our LinkedIn Dashboards

Our LinkedIn dashboard allows you to see many company page stats on a single screen.

LinkedIn dashboard - view all your company page data on a single screen


Are followers a vanity metric?
Who cares.
All I know is it’s a good engagement metric to review.
OK. You’re not going to know if that means they love your brand. Or if they are one of your 1000 true fans.
But it’s a great way to see if people like the content you’re putting out.
If the number is going up. Great you’re reaching new people, getting their attention. Even more important is that they are “putting their hand up” and saying “Show me more”. If someone starts following you, they want to see content from you.
Yes, reviewing follower count on its own gives you all the info to see if your marketing efforts are working.
A good way to use follower numbers is to not only check the total follower count. But see what percentage of the follower count are new followers for a certain period of time.
Here is how you calculate the percentage:
Check your total number of followers at the start of a new month. Then divided it by the number of followers the account had at the beginning of the previous month.
If you began the month with 2,000 followers. And at the end of the month, got only 20 new followers. a total of 2,020. That’s a 1% increase. This could mean you need to review your marketing strategy or content plan.

2. Impressions

LinkedIn’s impression metric refers to how many unique users saw your posts.
You can review this stat for different time periods.
By reviewing the reach. You and your clients can understand what sort of strategy are working on LinkedIn. That’s because impressions help measure brand awareness on the platform.
Yes, of course, reach is down to hundreds of factors. The bloody algorithms. However, LinkedIn uses certain factors to determine who sees your content.
So, if your reach numbers are low. Or worse, decreasing.
It’s a surefire sign that LinkedIn views your content as “poor quality”.
That could be down to poor engagement numbers. For things such as likes and comments, even follows.
If this happens, then you will need to make a few changes.
With Elementary Analytics’ LinkedIn dashboard. You can review and compare engagement over time.
Reviewing the performance for time periods. Including a 12-month month-by-month run rate.
This helps you by knowing what content is appealing to a target audience. If people aren’t engaging with the account as expected. You may need to review your marketing plan.

Why Elementary Analytics Is The Best LinkedIn Dashboard.


Tired of switching between LinkedIn company pages. And updating spreadsheets to create marketing reports?
Reporting no longer needs to be a tedious process.
Create a LinkedIn dashboard and produce reports in less than a minute.
You can even give clients access to a custom dashboard.


You and your customers want to see their audience on ‘the socials’ growing.
Show them the value you bring to the table.
Include detailed graphs in your social media reports. Highlighting how likes and page follower count have increased over time.


People’s newsfeed bombards them with posts.
So you need to know what is grabbing their attention
Get a deeper insight into what posts people engage with. So you can continue to share more of the content they want to see.
Track likes, comments and shares for every post in our LinkedIn dashboard.


Create as many staff and client logins as you need. Allow you to share and dashboard that you have created.

Allowing your customers and colleagues to have access to the same information in seconds.

Elementary Analytics - The Sherlock Holmes of Data-Driven Marketing
When you have eliminated the impossible....

Struggling to get your marketing reports finished? Does it take you all day to do one client report? We can help you solve this mystery. Our free Excel sheet creates a PDF report in seconds. All you need to do is enter your data and click ‘generate’. Elementary my dear!

You'll See The Results

Keep marketing campaigns on track — Grow your business
Elementary Analytics isn’t for creating widgets. It’s great for reviewing your campaigns. Create reports at the click of a button. And wow your boss, workmates or customers.

How it’s better: Elementary Analytics puts your website, search, ads, and social media info together. This helps your team work better. Use one tool to see how things are doing—no need to jump between platforms or spreadsheets.