Google Search Console Dashboard

Set up your Google Search dashboard in just minutes. Sit back & let us monitor performance. Link data together and produce reports at the click of a button. It’s that simple.

Google Search Console Dashboard​

Why Google Search Reporting?

If you’re like a lot of marketers, you find Google’s Search and SEO overwhelming. But don’t ignore them!
Use our dashboard to track the most important metrics and see performance trends. You don’t have to even log in to your Google Search Console.
You’ll be able to link search data to your website stats at the click of a button. To see how search rankings are driving traffic.
By monitoring these metrics, you’ll better understand how your content is being found and clicked. This will allow for more informed content campaigns that can help guide business decisions in a timely manner!
Here are the metrics you’ll be able to track using our service (all measured against the previous period):
Top 4 Google Search Console Metrics To Track When Starting Out

Set Up Your Google Search Dashboard In Less Than 30 Seconds

Get even more value in your reporting by connecting the following with Google Search.

Google Analytics
Google Ads


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Elementary Analytics isn’t just for creating widgets — it’s great for reviewing your marketing campaigns. Use the dedicated reports to produce PDF’s to impress customers and senior management.

How it’s better: By combining your website traffic and social media insights in one place, Elementary Analytics lets your entire team focus on their day to day work. One tool to track. One place to check performance. No more constant switching between Google Analytics profiles, Social Media accounts, spreadsheets and documents.