The easiest way to keep track of your website and social media analytics

Large View of The Dashboard Overview
  • Check your businesses Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Business Insights in one place.
  • Track KPI's and see how your business is performing
  • Free 30 day trial.
  • Access anywhere, 24/7 with internet access.
  • See correlations between your social media posts and website engagement quickly and easily.
  • Unlimited access with one of our paid plans.
  • More integrations coming soon!

Why Elementary Analytics?

Elementary Analytics is a new way to help people make sense of our business website analytics and social media stats, track performance and see how your business is growing.

Business Owners

Whether you run a freelance or professional website. Work as part of a marketing team, tracking how your marketing campaigns are performing. Or run your own business and want to see how your business is growing. Elementary Analytics is here to help you understand how your Google Analytics website traffic information links to: Facebook & Instagram Insights, Twitter & LinkedIn stats and PayPal and Stripe payment information. Helping you to make informed decisions and reclaim hours out of your day.

Nowadays it is vital for any business to be online.
But it's not enough with having a website and social media.

Having a website that doesn’t bring customer to your business is like owning a car without a steering wheel: useless. Thanks to Google Analytics and Social Media insights you can keep track of new visitors, goal achieved, etc. But as a business owner keeping all these stats under control and running your business means not a lot of free time.

That's where Elementary Analytics will make your life easier

We enable you to view all your website and social media analytics in one dashboard. On one screen. You will be able to access it 24/7, from anywhere (with an internet connection) and stop the time lost on going from website to website and from account to account to keep an eye on your businesses online analytics.

Do what your business needs in half the time you spend now