Meta’s Insights Are Stupid: A Better Facebook Page Dashboard

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When managing multiple Facebook pages, it can be tough to keep on top of everything.

You need to produce engaging content while also making sure that engagement also increases.

Our Facebook Page dashboard helps you analyse your performance and help you to show your customers how you are performing across all campaigns.

Oh, before we start.

If you’d like to find out more about how a Facebook Page dashboard fits into a larger strategy. Check out this marketing analytics guide, where we go into more detail.

Why You Need a Facebook Page Dashboard

Reviewing how well your Facebook page is performing is a pain.

It takes too long. And it drains your energy.

Digging through the Facebook page insights. And getting the data into a spreadsheet is a nightmare.

If you have a few Facebook pages to look at. Forget about it!

I’ve found people will do one of two things.

Either they spend way too much time collating data and generating reports. Time that could be better spent

Or they spend little or no time checking the data. Which means they are “driving blind”. They have no idea what is going on.

The problem with Facebook page insights is the sheer volume of data.

It seems you can track and review almost anything you can think of. The last time I checked. Facebook records 50,000 data points on a single person.

How are you meant to cope?

‘Data Overload’ then makes it hard to know what to focus on. And see if your social media marketing efforts are working well.

Being able to view all this information is great.

But, more often than not, you only want to see how one or two things are performing

That’s why using Elementary Analytics can help you out.

Our Facebook page dashboard gives you the key metrics and how they are performing

Helping you boost the effectiveness of your strategies. And help you create relevant reports for your clients on time.

What’s Included In Our Facebook Dashboards

Our Facebook page dashboard allows you to see many Facebook page stats on a single screen.

Our Facebook page dashboard. Simplify how you review page insights.

The overview screen gives you a quick insight into how a Facebook page is performing.

Here are a couple of the metrics you can track.


Are likes a vanity metric?

Who cares.

All I know is it’s a good engagement metric to review.

OK. You’re not going to know if that means they love your brand. Or if they are one of your 1000 true fans.

But it shows that your target audience likes the content that you are putting out.

With our Facebook page dashboard. You can review your like numbers and see which days or weeks had the most likes.

We even show you posts for the last 30 days and show you how many likes each one got.

No more scrolling back through your page feed.

It could be that a certain style of post is working for you. Video content is performing better than static images?

Whatever the reason is. The likes metric gives you a clear picture of the kind of post people are looking for.

Generally it’s a very good thing when you get more likes month over month.

2. Engagement Metrics

‘Engagements’ on Facebook include shares, reactions, and comments. Even clicks on images, posts, videos and links.

Checking engagement shows you how well a marketing campaign is performing. And if the type of engagement is working towards your goal.

Looking for clicks, but only getting comments?

Then you will need to make a few changes.

With Elementary Analytics’ Facebook page dashboard. You can review and compare engagement over time.

Reviewing the performance for time periods. Including a 12-month month-by-month run rate.

This helps you by knowing what content is appealing to a target audience. If people aren’t engaging with the page as expected. You may need to review your marketing plan.

Why Elementary Analytics Is The Best Facebook Page Dashboard.


Tired of switching between Facebook Pages. And updating spreadsheets to create marketing reports?

Reporting no longer needs to be a tedious process.

Create a Facebook page dashboard and produce reports in less than a minute.

You can even give clients access to a custom dashboard.


You and your customers want to see their audience on ‘the socials’ growing.

Show them the value you bring to the table.

Include detailed graphs in your social media reports. Highlighting how likes and page follower count have increased over time.


People’s newsfeed bombards them with posts.

So you need to know what is grabbing their attention

Get a deeper insight into what posts people engage with. So you can continue to share more of the content they want to see.

Track likes, comments and shares for every post in our Facebook page dashboard.


Create as many staff and client logins as you need. Allow you to share and dashboard that you have created.

Allowing your customers and colleagues to have access to the same information in seconds.

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Struggling to get your marketing reports finished? Does it take you all day to do one client report? We can help you solve this mystery. Our free Excel sheet creates a PDF report in seconds. All you need to do is enter your data and click ‘generate’. Elementary my dear!

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