How To Export Data From LinkedIn Ads: 5 Simple Steps

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Phil Hughes

Have you ever been creating a marketing report, on a B2B campaign and thought? How to export Data from LinkedIn ads?

So, in this article, I’m going to show you how to do that.

I’m always “shouting” on social media about how important your marketing data is.

The big problem. From my experience. Having all this data from each platform is great. But it’s useless unless pulled together and reviewed as a whole.

Having your ad campaign data sitting alongside your social media marketing metrics, and your website traffic stats. Will give you more insights than looking at each platform on its own.

Right, let’s dive into how you can export data from LinkedIn ads.

Step-by-Step Guide to Export Data From LinkedIn Ads

Follow these 5 simple steps, and you’ll be a pro at exporting data from LinkedIn Ads in no time!

Step 1: Open LinkedIn Ads

First things first, let’s head over to LinkedIn Ads. If you have access to multiple LinkedIn ad accounts. Select the account you want to review campaign data for.

Once you’re in the correct ad account. Click the advertise button on the left-hand navigation.

Viewing campaign data inside LinkedIn ads

You should now see a list of campaigns that have been created.

Step 2: Select The Campaign To Report On

LinkedIn’s analytics platforms. For personal profiles, company page data, and ad campaigns are amazing. By far and away the best in terms of social media platforms.

Easy to use, and give you plenty of data.

One of the cool things about their ads platform is the flexibility of their export feature. If you want export performance for an entire account you can.

I prefer to do it at the campaign level. Which this walkthrough shows you.

In the list of campaigns. Click the campaign you’d like to export data for.

The campaign listing inside LinkedIn ads

Step 3: Select The Period

Next, select the time period you would like to export data for.

LinkedIn ads are good at giving you all sorts of default options. As well as letting you select a custom date range.

Step 4: Start The Export Process

You’ll see, on the top-right-hand side of the campaign listing, 3 buttons.

The far right one will say ‘Export’, give this a little click.

You’ll see the following box appear. Asking you what type of export you’d like to do.

Type of export you'd like from LinkedIn ads

Like I said. LinkedIn does an amazing job with its analytics platforms.

Select what sort of export you’d like to do. For me, I prefer the campaign performance option as a starting point. You can always dig into other reports once you’ve got a grasp of how things are going.

Step 5: Choose The Export Options

Before you export the data into a CSV file. LinkedIn ads will ask you to select a few more options.

Normally I go with the defaults. But it’s entirely up to you.

The export options inside LinkedIn Ads

I like to break down the export day by day. I can then use Excel, or Google sheet to collate the data if needed.

All that’s left is to click ‘Export’

A CSV file should be downloaded onto your device.

Understanding LinkedIn Ad Data

At the start of this post, I touched on how important LinkedIn is in a B2B marketing strategy.

And that’s a vital part of your data-driven marketing plans.

One of the best things about LinkedIn ad data. It can show you demographic data from your ad campaigns. It’s a perfect way to see if your ads are reaching the right people. Also to see if that content then speaks to those people.

Other platforms aren’t as forgiving with their data as LinkedIn is.

The first rule of marketing is to niche down and find your “ideal customer”. Then to create content for them.

LinkedIn ads do an amazing job of telling you if your ads are working or not.

Alternatively. If you want to find out what metrics to look at for your LinkedIn Company Page. Check out this article I wrote: Top 5 Linked Company Page Metrics To Track When Starting.

Conclusion: Export Data From LinkedIn Ads

Well done, detective!

You’ve now unlocked the power of how to export data from LinkedIn Ads.

You can now uncover valuable insights to improve your ad campaigns and achieve better results. Keep exploring, keep analyzing, and keep optimizing – the world of ad detective awaits!

Oh, if you want to know how to use data to see how a marketing campaign is performing. Check out our article What Is Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing?

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