About Elementary Analytics

We make analytics less confusing

Whether it’s website traffic stats, social media post engagement. Or how well an ad campaign is doing. Data and analytics are vital. Bit it can be confusing and time consuming making sense of the data.

At Elementary Analytics, we guide you through the confusing analytics landscape. All you’ll need to do is to link together your Google Analytics, ads platforms, and social media, inside our dashboard. We’ll do the heavy lifting of gathering and collating the data. You can even product reports at the click of a button.

What do I need to get started?

You can review analytics from a number of different platforms with Elementary Analytics.

If you use Google Analytics, even better. We recommend adding a website profile as the first thing you should do.

You can then link different ad platforms and social media accounts to that website profile.

If you don’t have a website and just want to monitor a social media account, we can help with that too.

The Elementary Analytics story so far

I get asked quite a lot how I started and why continue to build and develop Elementary Analytics.

It’s a good question. There are so many product and services that can offer an analytics solution.

None of the services that I looked at felt right and wondered what I could come up with.

In my spare time two friends and I had were trying to get a start-up that we had founded off the ground. We had built up a fairly large social media following, had a website and two mobile apps that we were trying to promote. Along side the start-up I had numerous other websites. My personal blog. A portfolio website I used to promote my freelance business. Finally two other sites for another side hustle idea I had (which also has social media accounts to promote the software product).

As you can imagine it was a pretty overwhelming time. I was getting frustrated logging in and out of different accounts to review traffic or social media insights data.

That was only the first problem. Trying to export and pull this information together was time consuming. All I wanted to know was how this weeks social media activity had impacted website traffic and app installs.

Why was this so hard to pull together.

Instead of looking for a solution, I decided to see if I could create something that would suit my needs.

I didn’t want to create a service that was jammed packed with features, or that you could integrate with a hundred different products.

I wanted something that could present all this data to me in one place, in a simple format to help me review our efforts. Enabling myself and my business partners to make better decisions.

That’s why I started Elementary Analytics.

Elementary Analytics is a simple service for growing small businesses that helps your team collate information quickly. We built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and we left out everything else.

No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.

Whether you’re ready to move on from another service provider, or you’re fed up with the manual processes you use to review the information you need. I hope you’ll give Elementary Analytics a try.

Give it a go and email me at [email protected] to let me know what you think

Thanks for reading this far.

Phil. Founder, Elementary Analytics

You'll See The Results

Keep marketing campaigns on track — Grow your business
Elementary Analytics isn’t for creating widgets. It’s great for reviewing your campaigns. Create reports at the click of a button. And wow your boss, workmates or customers.

How it’s better: Elementary Analytics puts your website, search, ads, and social media info together. This helps your team work better. Use one tool to see how things are doing—no need to jump between platforms or spreadsheets.