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Keeping On Top of Your Customers Data Can Be A Pain

Keeping On Top of Your Customers Data Can Be A Pain
Data helps us to see if our marketing campaigns are working. That could be for a client, or for a campaign for your business.
The problem is each platform gives you different stats. That platform then shows you the data in a way that suits them, not you! Looking at key metrics, and creating reports is a full-time job on it’s own.
Elementary Analytics gives you all the data you need. In a single, simple dashboard, all in one place. It’s easy to analyse how well campaigns are doing. So you can amplify and improve each campaign.
Get back hours each week, and focus on helping your customers grow.

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Analyse then Amplify. And Help Your Customers Grow.

Get a complete view of marketing performance. Across different platforms. Gain in-depth insights into website traffic. Search rankings and specific social channels.

Website Traffic

Effortlessly integrate Google Analytics into a dashboard. Easily see if more people are visiting a website. Quickly review month on month performance and monitor KPI's.

Search Data

Analyze how clients content is ranking in Google search results. Quickly see the best performance posts and articles. And review what search terms get people to a customers website.

Social Media

Associate website and social media stats so they can be reviewed side by side. Easily spot which social media platforms are driving growth. Focus on which platform has the best ROI.


Monitor social media post performance. Quickly see the top posts and track engagement without having to log in to each platform. Produce beautiful reports at the click of a button.

Produce Detailed Reports At The Click Of A Button

Create amazing reports in less than 60 seconds. So you and your team to share key data with customers in minutes.


Report on website analytics, PPC, SMM data. Or a combination from multiple channels.

Weekly Updates

Get weekly updates for website stats. Straight to your inbox. At a time that suits you.

White label

Add your own logo, a cover page, and a brief description for any report your produce.


Reports are automatically generated as a PDF. So you can easily share them with anyone you like.

Connect Important Marketing Channels

All Your Clients' Key Data In One Place

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Ads
Facebook Ads