Get it together and review stats the right way.

Before Elementary Analytics: Website traffic and social media stats are scattered everywhere. It’s time consuming and stressful to get data together.
After Elementary Analytics: Everything’s organized in one place, you’re on top of things. A sense of calm sets in.

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One place, not all over the place

Website Traffic

Add traffic information from one or more of your Google Analytics profiles. View and analyze the traffic to all of your websites on one dashboard.

Social Media

Associate related social media accounts to your dashboard and you will be able to link social media insights to the website’s traffic. Make informed decisions!

Generate Reports

Generate reports in seconds, giving you an in-depth view of all your Website and Social Media Analytics. Save time analyzing what’s driving people to your sites!

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Web Analytics and Social Media

Check out how Elementary Analytics can help you

Try our 30 day free trial and link your Google Analytics, Facebook page, Instagram business account and Twitter profile to have all your traffic stats in one dashboard.

Whether you’re an established business, a digital agency or perhaps self-employed, Elementary Analytics will help you review how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google can help promote your brand.

"It's never been so simple to see how my social media posts are helping to drive traffic to the businesses website. It's saved me a lot of time! I am sure it has helped me grow my business"

Paul F, Business Owner

Free For 30 Days

Sign up for free and get unlimited access to Elementary Analytics for 30 days. Add as many Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles as you want.


Monitor how your Social Media presence is helping you grow your business.

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Easy App Integration

We currently integrate with the following website and social media analytics tools, with more integrations on the way.

Google Analytics