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Watching Your Customers Data Can Be Hard

Data shows if our campaigns work.
It can be for a customer or for our own business.

Different platforms show different numbers.

They show it their way, not yours!

Gathering data and making reports takes a lot of time.

Elementary Analytics shows you everything you need in one easy place.

You can see how your marketing campaign is doing.

This helps you make them better.

Save time every week and help your customers hit their targets.

Analyse, then amplipy

Help Your Customers Grow.

See how your marketing is doing on different platforms.
Learn more about website visits, search results, and social media.
Website Traffic

Easily connect Google Analytics. See if your website gets more visitors. Check how each month goes and track your main goals.

Search Data

See how client's content shows up on Google. Find the top posts fast. Look at the keywords words that bring people to the website.

Social Media

Put website and social media numbers together. See which social sites help you grow. Find out which one gives the best results.


Watch what social media posts do. Find the best ones fast and see likes without signing in everywhere. Make pretty reports with one click.

Keep customers updated

Produce Detailed Reports At The Click Of A Button

Make great reports super fast.
You and your team can show important info to customers quickly.

See info on your website, ads, and social media. Mix data from different platforms.

Weekly Updates

Get website performance every week. To your email inbox, when it's best for you.

White label

Put your company logo on all your reports. Add a cover page and a short note.


Reports turn into PDFs by themselves. Share them with your boss or customers easily.

Connect Important Marketing Channels

All Your Clients' Key Data In One Place
Google Analytics
Google Search
Google Ads
Meta Ads
Meta Ads

You'll See The Results

Keep marketing campaigns on track — Grow your business
Elementary Analytics isn’t for creating widgets. It’s great for reviewing your campaigns. Create reports at the click of a button. And wow your boss, workmates or customers.

How it’s better: Elementary Analytics puts your website, search, ads, and social media info together. This helps your team work better. Use one tool to see how things are doing—no need to jump between platforms or spreadsheets.