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Simple Reporting Platform For Agencies

Easily monitor the performance of your clients website and social media stats - all in one place.

Built For Small Digital Agencies

Easily Track How Marketing Campaigns Are Performing

Website Traffic

Effortlessly integrate Google Analytics into your EA dashboard. Easily see if more people are visiting your website. Quickly review month on month performance and monitor KPI's.

Social Media

Associate website and social media stats so they can be reviewed side by side. Easily spot which social media platforms are driving growth. Focus on which platform has the best ROI.

Review Performance

Monitor social media post performance. Quickly see your top posts and track engagement without having to login to each platform.

Making sense of your website and social media stats is hard

It’s hard to track performance numbers when the data is spread across multiple social platforms and linked to different email addresses or logins. Aggregating that data into spreadsheets in a way that works and is decipherable isn’t easy either.

But when it’s all together in Elementary Analytics things are simple.

With Elementary Analytics, you can see how everything is performing, understand how your social media efforts are driving growth, and access it from anywhere - via both mobile and desktop.

 This is the simple way – The Elementary Analytics way to make sense of your data.

Connect Important Marketing Channels

Google Analytics
Google Search Console

What Our Customers Say

Marketers, small business owners, digital agencies and virtual assistants have started using Elementary Analytics to make it quick and easy to collate their stats and see their marketing campaigns are performing.

Emma Dunlop-Waters
Elementary Analytics is software that allows you to link your social media channels and can see the statistics for every platform in one place. Gone are the days of manually adding up numbers from multiple channels to create a report. EA puts all the stats into a nice exportable report. We love the software and recommend it to anyone.
Emma Dunlop-Waters
Owner, ER Marketing Group.
Jarie Bolander
What I like about Elementary Analytics (EA) is the ease of use and the fact I can see all my stats in one once place. That to me is so important since my clients always want a birds eye view of what's going on with the metrics. EA gives us that and it's beautiful to look at as well.
Jarie Bolander
CEO of JSY PR & Marketing